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X-Ray Beamlines

General X-Ray Image

X-ray research beamlines are one-of-a-kind creations that reflect the ingenuity of the teams that developed them. This "ad hoc" approach is far from optimal. Square One seeks to identify the commonalities among experiments and then create general purpose technologies that can be refined, ruggedized and widely applied within the X-ray science community.

Silicon Drift Diodes


Square One is pioneering an innovative X-ray detection strategy based on Silicon Drift Diodes. Under this approach, an SDD unit is teamed with a polycapillary collimating optic and a multi-layer bandwidth filter. Integrated, high-precision positioning mechanisms allow the configuration and alignment of these components to be easily tuned for specific experiments.

We are also exploring an energy-tunable X-Ray Split and Delay Device to manipulate the time structure of hard X-ray pulses. This technology splits an incoming X-ray beam and then recombines the two beams after incorporating a time shift.