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Tri-Sphere Positioners


Square One's Tri-Sphere is a fundamentally new type of positioning technology specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of 3rd and 4th generation synchotron light sources. The Tri-Sphere delivers precision adjustment in all six degrees-of-freedom while providing rock solid stability.

Comprised exclusively of prismatic actuators, the Tri-Sphere is almost infinitely scalable and can generate large, highly asymmetric work envelopes.

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By creating the Tri-Sphere's prismatic joints from miniature actuators, we produce extremely compact six-axis positioners having nanometer-level resolution. These incarnations are ideal for aligning small samples relative to an X-ray beam and for rotating the samples while gathering data.

Single Crystals and Other Solid Samples
Small Sample Changers
In-Hutch KB Mirrors



Tri-Spheres sized to support medium loads can be readily configured for a wide range of applications. Components can be supported from below or suspended from above, thus providing maximum operational flexibility. Vacuum compatible systems can be built without compromising the Tri-Sphere's performance.

UHV Mirrors
Beam Position Monitors
Sample Environments



When called upon to support very heavy objects, the Tri-Sphere's vertical actuators are created using high-precision ball screw jacks driven by DC stepper motors. By nesting these jacks within the horizontal actuators, it is possible to create very low profile systems with large work envelopes and exceptional resolutions. The inherent flexibility of the Tri-Sphere design allows systems to be cost-effectively tailored to specific applications

Superconducting Cavities